Racism Essay

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Professor McKyer’s interview discusses prejudice and discrimination in the Bryan/College Station area. She defines prejudice as beliefs that we learn over time but don’t necessarily act upon those beliefs. On the other hand, decimation is the beliefs we act upon, such as racism. She describes racism as implicit beliefs that cause subtle actions. Professor Mckyer uses the example of a new highway built in Austin that cuts the city in half and essentially segregates black people from white people. She also uses the example of the local bus routes, which mostly run to where college students live in College Station and some parts of Bryan. She mentions how there is a lack of transportation in the “hood” parts of Bryan where public transportation is a high necessity. The health care system also can be viewed as being discriminatory, according to Professor McKyer. She uses the example of there being four clinics in College Station, while there is only one hospital in Bryan and it is located near College Station and not easily accessible for people who live in the “hood” of Bryan. Discrimination can be viewed in the area of physical activity also, according to McKyer. She describes the nice appearance and safety of College Station parks as opposed to the run-down Bryan public parks. Professor McKyer states that there is in fact discrimination around us and sometimes we just don’t pick up on it. I agree with her that there are some public entities that can be seen as racism or discrimination, but I do not feel that the intent of the city or local government is purposefully racist. I feel that most public amenities such as local bus routes, health care facilities, public parks, recreation center, etc. are placed where the income for that amenity comes from. For example, I see non A&M students use it to go to the grocery store or a friend’s house. Now the students of

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