Racism Essay

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My Life; A Priceless experience My own existence as I know it began with a simple opening of both of my eyes when i was three years old; memory glimpses of me and my pet dog "Gary" playing in front of my small yet comfortable home in the mountainous terrain of North-West Bosnia & Herzegovina. Life at its most simple stage began for me at this moment in space and time. No worries, just me, Gary, my mom, and my dad living in a communist republic of Yugoslavia enjoying the smooth breeze that lingered on every passing across the lips that we possess almost as if to say: This is just a taste of what is to be written in your life. Little did I know that the playing in front of my house, eating whatever and whenever I wanted, swimming in the "korana" river, picking the neighbors plums with my cousins, running around the corn field of the local villagers, and the safety and security in the arms of my two loving parents would come to a steaming halt due to a war that was about to break out in the beautiful yet now former Yugoslavia. What started off as a kind yet peaceful memory of my country and village soon turned into a terrifying yet conscious reality. As the War became indefinite in Bosnia, so did the reality that I would have to eventually run for freedom elsewhere in a world unknown to the untrained eye, a distant world that a young boy such as my self at the time couldn't understand but could only witness and leave the understanding to a later time if god gives you a second chance to live in such a distant world; far from all those childhood memories that may not seem like much to a materialistic individual but to a simple village boy in the mountains of Bosnia; those memories are missed on the basis of realism even to this day. Let me give you an insight through the eyes of myself as a child of war, as a witness to injustice and suffering; Let me give you a

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