Racing for Innocence Essay

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A scholar, an author and a profound sociologist; Dr. Jennifer Peirce is tackling to find answers of how social stigma between race has created a still extreme disapproval and discomfort amongst elite working professionals in a time of the late 1980s when many institutional programs have sought to end affirmative action, but were still federally mandated at this particular corporation and other programs. In a contemporary America the political correctness to coincide the terminology of ending racism is to have colorblindness, as a sociologist Dr. Peirce looks to now answer the color blind ideology; which is to give fair representation to all those working, but is done so only based on the federal mandate and not personal ideology. Dr. Peirce utilized several different methodologies as her underlying principles to argue that at the particular corporation elite legal professionals do play a role in reproducing racial inequality as each individual interprets the affirmative action policy differently. Studying the variable of ethnicity, most particularly of white men in the elite class and black individuals at the same legal firm Dr. Pierce in her ethnography used a survey method speaking to participants through a verbal interview with a prepared set of questions. She also draws on a narrative analysis which she was able to interpret her findings with more meaning such that the situations were able to become reproduced socially at the same location. Lastly unknowingly to Dr. Pierce herself when this study was first done in 1989 that she would continue a follow-up with the individuals again ten years later the longitudinal study gathered more information shown in her fiction of narration, had created more reliability where the engagement gave conceptualized accounts to the situations she had heard. I found much of her study convincing because I feel that we [students
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