Racial Stereotyping in Films

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TOPIC: 1. RACIAL STEREOTYPING IN FILMS EG. HOW MUSLIMS ARE PORTRAYED INFILMS SINCE 9/11 It is widely and clearly observed that the world has been changed after the 9/11 incident. If we look at the world politics, we get the impression that the entire world has been dragged in the war against terrorism. This war was started after the unforgettable incident of 9/11. Twin towers of New York were been hit by 2 passenger planes. The responsibility of this incident was laid upon “Muslims” by the west. After that, Muslims are blamed as terrorists all over the world without any discrimination of gender or age. The wave of terrorism and the picture of Muslims as terrorist, invaded the world almost at the same time. Indian film industry took a benefit of this situation and they started to present Muslims as terrorists in their films. Movies were made on the subject of terrorism and only Muslims were shown as terrorists who were fostering terrorism not only in India but in the whole world. Indian film industry has also been showing the Kashmir freedom fighters as militants and terrorists. There was a great deal of work done by Indian cinema on Muslims in general and Pakistan in particular showing them as terrorists who were involved in all sort of terrorists acts whether it is in India, Kashmir or elsewhere. Pakistan being a leading Muslim country and arch rival of India is portrayed as the shelter provider to all the terrorists. Film, generally, has enormous impact on the societies. It gives new trends, ideas and traditions etc. Films not only make the opinion but also reshape the opinions. Films reshape old trends, customs and traditions. If one idea prevails strongly in a society then it can be transmitted from one society to another. Since 90s the political agenda and policies of Indian government has affected the approach

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