Racial Stereotypes Analysis

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“Hey man did you see the Lakers game last night it was amazing, man Kobe scored 81 points, I wish I could do that,” Josh said to Vinny. Vinny replied, “Kobe is black what do you expect, and I wish you could do that too you would be the first Asian in the world to be good at basketball; for now I think you should stick with your math class, your people seem to do pretty good at that kind of stuff.” This conversation is a classic example of racial stereotyping. A stereotype is a learned attitude that has an impact of on our everyday lives. Stereotypes are generalizations made about a group of people that are usually based on inaccurate or incomplete information, they can be both positive and negative, but both can have negative consequences.…show more content…
In Staple’s “Black Man and Public Spaces,” Staples describes an instance when he was walking down the street at night, minding his own business and the lady in front of him started to run away like someone was chasing her. Staples was stereotyped as somebody that was a threat to the woman’s safety, just because of the color of his skin. In Rodriguez’s essay serotypes of a Hispanic with a dark completion can be positive or negative depending on the situation and how he presented himself. He describes how if he walked through a service entrance at a hotel, people wouldn’t think much of him but if walks in with a nice suite his complexion acts as a symbol of leisure. His mother always told him to stay out of the sun, most likely because the darker you are the stereotype is that you are a manual laborer for example someone who could possibly work in the strawberry fields or as a gardener. Rodriguez’s has learned to distinguish himself from the Los Pobres through his success and education. In the essay “The Men We Carry in Our Minds,” The views of the college girls that stereotyped the men in by saying that “the men have conquered the world’s pleasures.” This is a much generalized stereotype because this only shows how ignorant this person was to the rest of the world, to them their fathers and family friends were well off CEO’s of a fortune five hundred company, Government officials, accountants, and many other prestigious jobs. On the other hand where sanders came from the fathers were hard at work in the factories, construction, and other types of physical labor, where their jobs had a physical impact of the quality of their lives. This type of stereotype is just out of pure

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