Racial Profiling Response Essay

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Impacts of Racial Profiling Response Essay Racial profiling has been a growing concern since the 9/11 attacks on that took place in the United States. The article “9/11 changed my world forever” by Omar Sachedina is based on how the 9/11 attacks has changed the perception on Muslim citizens within the United States and Canada. Sachedina indicated how their religion became a larger part of Muslim citizens after the 9/11 crisis. Muslims, in particular, were taken blame by extremists and radicals for the appalling destruction of the World Trade Centre. This situation eventually led to the radical change in law enforcement and criminal justice, introducing racial profiling. Racial profiling is an act of using race, colour, and ethnicity as suspicion for criminal investigation. The 9/11 attack has not only targeted Muslims, but also expanded to many other racial types including African-American, Native Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and Asian Americans including South Asians (Human Impacts of Racial Profiling). It has been a rising concern, causing many negative effects among the different racial types in North American society due to the criminal injustice based on invalid evidence, violation of rights and freedoms, and the changes in behaviour from discrimination. Firstly, the systemic use of racial profiling is solely based on stereotypes and biased beliefs instead of reasonable evidence when it comes to contemplating an individual’s threat towards society. Stereotypes based on race, color, and ethnicity is unsubstantial and is considered an issue within society since non-ethnic whites are abused by this law enforcement. Some examples of racial profiling based on stereotypes can be found in the cases of three individuals by the names of Mohammed Ali, Sharon Simmons-Thomas, and Lori Penner. The testimony of Mohammed Ali is based on a stereotype known as

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