Racial Profiling: Jerry Oliver And Phuong Ly

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Racial profiling is used by law enforcement personnel to target individual’s based on race or ethnicity. Although racial profiling is illegal in many states it is also challenged by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S Constitution. The practice is currently a controversial topic with two different point-of-views. One view-point is the cops who believe there only doing their jobs. The other view-points are the many pedestrians who are having their rights violated and being search by the cops especially the blacks and Hispanic. Several States use a broad of data to dispute against racial profiling. Living in New York City I find racial profiling to be wrong but very common in the state. I will share different views on this topic from two authors. The author jerry Oliver and Phuong Ly made a very logic points most times when blacks and Hispanic stopped by a cop they feel like the cops is being racist because they receive different treatment from the whites example some argue black drivers were stopped at a disproportionate number of traffic stop of minorities drivers is in itself evidence of racial profiling. Other would argue that it isn’t true that police are…show more content…
Jerry did interviews with cops and Phuong interview the people. As minorities living in an urban neighborhood we all have experience some form of racial profiling. In New York City the controversial practice of the stop and frisk is a prime example of racial profiling. Targeting minorities because you think they look suspicious is wrong. Law enforcement needs to find a better form of policing. You see police stop minorities and speak and act like if that person is a criminal, while they would stop another individual of the same race and they will be courteous. We may go back and forth on this matter but at the end of the day racial profiling is in existence just like

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