Racial Profiling Essay

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Terrorism is a terrible thing that is going on in our world right now, with millions of people dying from acts of hate towards race and religion. Most attacks are very sneaky and sadly are completed due to bypassing security. So the big question is, “How can we stop terrorist attacks completely from airports?” Well we have added full body scan machines that can detect weapons of any kind and security has become a bit stronger since all these terrorist attacks have happened, but still these attacks happen. At this point you would think this is unbelievable that after all these upgrades at airports were still having large numbers of attacks, so what can we do to get a step ahead of these terrorists? We have the best technology and the strongest security but yet these things still happen, so we need to either add or upgrade a factor we already have. Well most terrorist attacks are performed by groups from the other side of the world due to religious differences in the USA. Being the fact they are a different race than most US citizens, airports believe they should use racial profiling to determine if someone is smuggling a bomb or weapon of destruction. Most people think it is a great idea because of the race that performs these acts of terrorism, but in all reality it is just wrong. The reason why this is completely wrong is because what if someone is pulled aside to be searched due to their skin color and they don’t have anything that has to do with an act of terrorism? Then that person is a subject of racial discrimination and has every right to be completely offended. In all reality our airports just need stronger technology so we do not need to resort to racial profiling. Terrorism will always be around as long as America has freedom, so we just need to find ways to upgrade our technology and become a step further than the terrorist. Everyday we discover new things

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