Racial Injustice Essay

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Devon Lynn Professor Aronovitz English 101 K1 10/5/2012 Racial Injustice Maya Angelou’s novel essay “Graduation” uproots us from what we as individuals call reality and effortlessly implants us within the memoirs of her own. The essay focuses on Maya Angelou’s memories as a twelve year old student graduating from the eighth grade of Lafayette County Training School in Stamps, Arkansas. She writes about the dramatic events that occurred many years ago on the memorable day of graduation. The matter of importance in this essay can be related to today’s society, as it concerns the battle of prejudice she and her classmates face. The intended audience of this essay is the African American society. This can be determined because of the way Angelou talks about Caucasian people. Maya Angelou uses a rhetorical strategy known as pathos to elicit sympathy. Ethos is another rhetorical strategy that the author uses to enhance her rhetoric. Angelou reduces the complexity of sentence structure to augment the accessibility of the reader. Maya Angelou effectively delivers her message of racial injustice with the aid of literary techniques. Maya Angelou tells the story of her eighth grade graduation and the manner by which her hope was crushed and resurrected. Angelou begins her essay by providing background information about her school and what graduation is like. Preparations for graduation were being made many weeks in advance and Maya Angelou participated in cultural traditions that went along with it. Graduation day finally arrived and Angelou enjoyed the special morning with her family. She was confronted with a sense of unfamiliarity when she saw arrived at the school. After the ceremony started a Caucasian guest speaker approached the microphone to address the students. Angelou noticed that the speaker was showing hints of prejudice as he was making his speech. An

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