Racial Gap In Education Essay

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Stefany Zelaya 12/6/12 Health 120 Racial Gap in Education and Mission Graduate’s Effort to Alleviate It The racial gap and low number of Latino students in higher education is a major issue that affects my community. The racial gap is not only present in graduation and dropout rates but it is also present in academic achievement. Many times students and parents are blamed for this phenomenon, but honestly, the real problem here is the inequality in education. It’s unbelievable and truly saddens me when I walk into some of my classes, and be the only student who comes from a Latino background. It’s an issue that has been prevalent for a very long time, but little has been done to help alleviate it. Why is a racial gap in education a negative thing in my community? Firstly, I believe everyone deserves a chance to a higher education regardless of race, culture and economic background. Education is a…show more content…
College Connect has done great things for my family and I; it motivated me to apply for scholarships, inspired me to do well in school and most importantly, to dream big. As a first generation student, my parents and I had no idea about SAT’s, college applications, scholarships, etc.I had no idea what the whole process was like. However, due to the support and help that College Connect offered me, I have successfully been accepted to a four year college. For me the most helpful thing about College Connect is the fact that students can go into their office whenever a question arises. Everyone at College Connect is always supportive towards whatever the student is concerned about. If questions arose about college I would always go into the office and ask for help. It is gratifying to know that the support system was there for me and will continue to be there for me for the next four
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