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Racial Equality Essay

  • Submitted by: lilhersey03
  • on May 3, 2012
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Racial Equality: “A North Star Yet to Shine”
Abstract: This writing will look into Howard Winant’s Racism: From Domination to Hegemony, along with the photographs of Nikki S. Lee’s “Hip-Hop Project” and “Hispanic Project.” Howard Winant discusses the ways in which racism has changed and why superiority among races will still exist in his writing. Winant defines racism as “the routinized outcome of practices that create or reproduced hierarchical social structures based on essentialized racial categories” (129). Those in a higher social structure often view those who come from a lower social structure differently. As a result, this can lead to racism. Winant describes the new idea of racial hegemony as one that “operates in societies and institutions that explicitly condemn prejudice and discrimination” (128). How do racial mobility and racial inequality relate? Racial mobility is the ability to move up and down the racial scale, and racial inequality is the lack of equal treatments between groups. Racial mobility is not racism, but it can bring on racial inequality. Nikki S. Lee’s photograph portraying the Asian female among the black community furthermore supports Winant’s claim. This picture illustrates the stereotypical black society. Their cultural patterns are viewed on a lower social structure, therefore racism exists.
“The possibility of black folk and their cultural patterns existing in America without discrimination and on terms of inequality… is a North Star that shines yet.” According to Howard Winant, racism is an inevitable part of social structure that has become an established practice in the United States. Winant’s defines racism, in Racism: From Domination to Hegemony, as “the routinized outcome of practices that create or reproduce hierarchical social structures based on essentialized racial categories.” Racism, in this context, is defined as the assimilation of a person into a different ethnic...

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