Racial Diversity: Historical Worksheet

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Associate Program Material Racial Diversity: Historical Worksheet Answer the following questions in 100 to 250 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use. · Throughout most of U.S. history, in most locations, what race has been in the majority? What is the common ancestral background of most members of this group? The most common race that was in most locations were the Caucasians. White people were considered superior to other races and were pretty much in charge of everything. The most common ancestral background of the Caucasian groups were from European background. There were multiple members in this group, but Europeans stood out the most. An example of how whites felt they were superior over a specific race would be the segregation. Segregation was put in place so whites and blacks did not share the same public facilities. They each had their own bathrooms and even water fountains and schools. The whites felt that they did not want to share these facilities with the blacks because they were a lower race than them. · What are some of the larger racial minorities in U.S. history? What have been the common ancestral backgrounds of each of these groups? When did each become a significant or notable minority group? There seem to be a few different minority races throughout history. Asian, Hispanic, Native American's and African American's. African American's were considered the lowest level, and were forced into slavery. They were abused and often times killed if they did not do everything for an American. Native American's were drove off of their lands by the white European people. The whites wanted the land for themselves so they more often times than not killed, beat and burned down the Native American's homes in order to show who was more superior. They fought back and forth constantly, but eventually the whites

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