Racial Disparity in Sentencing

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Racial Disparity in Sentencing George E. Long III University of Phoenix Online CJA 423 Joseph Mariconda, MSMS June 9, 2008 Racial Disparity in Sentencing Disparities in sentencing exist for minorities and sex’s from within the United States Justice Departments; are oftentimes correlated with a bias amongst races where minorities are discriminated against in favor of the majority race. Disparities in the sentencing of “White Collar” criminals are prevalent in the United States. This paper will summarize white collar sentencing disparities of blacks and Hispanics in comparison to the white majority, while examining regional biases and employment of the Northern and Southern United States effecting minority sentencing rates. Additionally, this paper will examine common misconceptions about minority sentencing disparities; the causes and issues which arise as a result and also point out some possible solutions to eliminate sentencing disparities. Disparities in Sentencing of White Collar Criminals Blacks and Hispanics generally receive longer criminal sentences than whites. Although the sentence disparities in white collar crimes are not discussed as often as the disparities in sentencing of people convicted of violence or drug related crimes, white collar crime sentencing disparities are consistent with drug and violent crime disparities. Minority drug users who prefer cocaine over other recreational drugs usually smoke crack cocaine because crack is less expensive than powdered cocaine. Crack cocaine users
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