Racial Disparity In Prison

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Racial Despair in Judicial System Paul Strange ENG122 Hope Unmansky March 31, 2013 The prison boom is rapidly growing in the wake of the civil rights movement making a vast incline in penal confinement. African Americans are seven times more likely to be incarcerated than white males, particularly among those with no teaching. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that in 2004 twelve percent of African Americans ages 25 to 29 were behind bars in prison or jail. There is racial disparity in our American prison and the judicial system is to blame because of prejudice and discrimination against African Americans. Five times as many whites are using drugs, but African Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at ten times at the rate whites go to prison this is a problem (NAACP, 2009-13). The young African Americans were the targets of these…show more content…
African Americans do get longer prisons sentences than whites do even at the same crime they commit, for murder African Americans 91.7 months versus 79.8 months for whites, for rape 55 months for African Americans verses 43.9 for whites, for kidnapping, 41 months for African Americans to 37 months for whites, and for robbery 37.4 for African Americans to 33.3 for whites (NAACP, 2009-13). Furthermore, Langan appears to invalidate his part of theory that there is no racism, well we all can be the judge of that of what we read, it looks like the judges did hand down more and longer prison sentences to African Americans for the same crime committed by white Americans Langan’s own research shows racial disparities in sentencing even though he tries to explain different by introducing other factors, such as repeat offenders or they live in tougher jurisdiction were sentencing was harsher well that is another issue, it is clear that race does matter in the criminal justice system (Diulio & Langan,

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