Racial Controversy Analysis

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Name English Comp 2 9/3/2012 Racial Controversy Jemele Hill’s article “is race still an issue,” is about exactly what the title states, is race still an issue. Furthermore, Hill wants her audience to understand that there are racial controversies still lingering in the NFL. She clarifies her argument by giving in depth detail on three well known quarterbacks that received some form of mistreatment because of their race. In addition, she uses a strong and serious tone that lets her readers know that she isn’t writing this article for nothing. She shows that there has been a great deal of racial mistreatment lingering in the NFL which goes unnoticed amongst the fans and needs to be exposed. Jemele Hill’s article…show more content…
She supports these emotions by directly quoting the players testimonies as to how they are mistreated by their coaches. She quoted a former football star Donovan Mcnabb who stated that “black quarterbacks in the NFL face more pressure and tougher criticism than white quarterbacks do” (Para 5). Furthermore, she gives the responses of the coaches as to when they are approached for their racial tendency toward blacks. The responses go to be said “Stop pulling the race card”, or “Quit whining” (Para 5). Hill does an outstanding job at giving her viewers a feeling or sense of the emotional condition of the athletes as the quotes reveal the amount of pressure the athletes has to experience. Hill goes on to say that Campbell, another black athlete, was first benched during the second game of the season. She continues to say that the Raiders have shown no patience with Campbell as they sacrificed by giving up a fourth round draft pick for him (Para 11). Campbell still has many issues with the Redskins, although most are being worked out between them; he still fights for the number one spot with Bruce Gradkowski whose record as a starter is 5-11(Para 6). She gives much in depth detail which illustrates the point that she is trying to get across, and that is the fact of these athletes are being mistreated. Hill is very affective at revealing the mistreatments to her audience which gains her an incredible amount of

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