Racial And Ethnic Groups Essay

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Racial and Ethnic Groups Racial and Ethnic Groups It is a common conception among Americans that Hispanics are all the same. When most people see others from a Hispanic background they assume that they are all the same. In actuality, there are many different groups of people that are many different types of people from many different areas of South America. There are all different varieties of people and they are all unique in their own ways. They have different cultures, languages, and politics depending on where they are from. The first group we will look at is Mexican Americans. Most Mexican Americans speak Spanish as their first language. The next highest percentage is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English equally. The lowest percentage of Mexican Americans speaks English only. The bilingual and English speaking would be considered the sub-languages of this group (Schaefer, 2006). Politically speaking one of the most talked about topics would be the allowance of bilingual education. Some believe that it should be allowed while others feel that it should not so that the children will learn the English language and have a better opportunity to advance in the United States. When bilingual education first came around Mexican Americans took advantage of the education in both public and private schools. In 1997 Proposition 227 was supported by Californians supporting the end of bilingual education in public schools. Mexican Americans were opposed to the ending of the bilingual education. “Most Mexican Americans are Roman Catholic and are ardent believers.” (Kwintessential, unkn) A large number of Mexican Americans do however participate in other similar religions, however. Mexican Americans used religious-based celebrations and cultures to foster solidarity amongst them. Mexican Americans use religion to help foster community and build their belief that

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