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Germany's birth rate is too low to sustain its current population levels, and this is going to cause increasing problems for it. According to Andrew Hammel the reason why there is a low birth rate because having children will be a financial burden. The government doesn’t provide them with enough money. They don’t have tax break as other countries. The reason singles think children are too expensive is because of the underlying economic condition and feelings of insecurity. That is, even after the government bonuses and tax breaks, people think they don't make enough money or have enough job security to start a family. Many German women decide not to have children because of poor state-run child-care facilities. Most schools in Germany finish earlier than in other parts of Europe — some as early as 1 p.m. — leaving parents struggling to find and afford sufficient day care. And often women who take up part-time jobs to try to juggle work and family life end up paying a high financial price. "Many German women have to stop work and end their careers if they want to have kids. Gale Encyclopedia Public Health promotes a policy for higher birth rate. It developed family planning women become educated and obtaining a career before having children. The birthrate alone may still be used as a proxy for population growth, because it is usually the largest component of population growth. As there exist better, noncrude measures of births— known as fertility rates—that take account of the age distribution, relative group size, and mortality of potential mothers, the principal use of the birthrate is as a summary indicator of population growth. Typically, a birthrate of 10 to 20 per 1,000 is low, and a rate of 40 to 50 per 1,000 is high. In the absence of other information, a high birthrate is assumed to be a general indication of health impairments and low life

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