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My idiolect is based on several things: regional location, friends, family and occupation. When talking to people in a professional state, I try not to say anything awkward and try not to use the word "like" as a filler everytime there a blank area which a lot of people do. When talking to friends, I tend to use slang words and not finish sentences because they assume that my friends had already caught on and know what I am saying so it is quite not as difficult. I tend to make a lot of mistakes when talking. I hesitate when speaking because if I am speaking to a group of people I dont want to say anthing that is out of line or something embarrassing so I watch what I say. The purpose of these different ideolects is that I am aware of where I am, who I am with and who's around me. It is not to impress anybody so why not talk to your friends in the more comfortable way. Talking in a professional position is different because your job is on the line. A large influence on my ideolect is television and the hip hop community. I watch a lot of television and through it, we copy phrases and sometimes even catch on how someone speaks. Music plays a big role also because I listen to a lot of music, rap, rythem and blues and what it brings out is a persons flow or their own ideolect. Another big influence is my family. I come from a Viet family and our main language use at home is Vietnamese so we have to use simple English so that my parents can understand what we are saying. In conclusion, the way people talk is different. It's their history that built up their language and what made a big impact in them. Whether it was school, hip hop or just hearing it around from older brothers or

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