Race Relations: Racism In The United States

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Race Relations Edwin Colon Ethics 125 Throughout history there have been groups and tribes that fight and dislike like each other due to the way they look, and today this is still true, unfortunately. In the United States the first round of racism was between White Americans and Black Americans and as more people have immigrated the racism and prejudice has as well. While many people embrace the new cultures and people others are still prejudice and will not accept any new comers. All over the Nation racism still exists, yet in Southern California it is mainly directed towards Mexican Americans. I moved to California in June 2008, from Jersey City, NJ, a city right across the river from NYC and a very ethnic and culturally…show more content…
Other people in my community are treated differently, but not because of their heritage, but of their lack to become Americans. Many people here in Riverside never learn English and they do not try to embrace life in America. Instead many people live in their own “Little Mexico” here in Riverside. These are the people that get treated differently because they are not trying to become Americans they are just Mexicans living in America. Really I think that this is a problem all over the Nation with many new immigrants who do not want to become Americans they just want to live here and make money with out trying to be part of…show more content…
Regardless of the color of their skin all of the community leaders seem to be concerned about the same things I am, like making sure the children and younger generations are taken care of. In order for our community leaders to accomplish this they have been putting in more summer camp programs and more after school programs to make sure that all of the children have a productive way to spend their time while their parents work. These after school programs provide a safe and education place for children to stay after school. One community Nick Avila has just accomplished this goal be opening up more after school programs in 21 new schools (Prime Time). Just like myself the community leaders main concern is towards the younger generations. The minority group, which is mainly Hispanic, interests are also represented in my community by teaching Spanish to school children starting in First Grade, this way the children can pick up a second language much easier than adults and they are able to communicate with the older Hispanic generations that live in my

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