Race In America Critique

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A Critique of “Race in America: We Like to Think We Are Over the Problem” Although “50 to 62 percent” of Americans polled that race is no longer a barrier in the United States, it is evident that racism is still present affecting African-Americans today. Why does racism continue to be an issue in the United States and why is there still an issue of the color of one’s skin? Maryann Cusimano Love addresses negative statements made by Delegate Frank D. Hargrove Sr., a well-known Republican from Virginia. Love also brings to light the past and persistent inequalities for African-Americans in her article “Race in America”. Because many Americans do not truly understand the root of racial problems, it seems as though we as a society will never get over this issue. Throughout her article Love establishes that America may believe that there is no race problem in the country, but this is not reality. She argues that in order to truly erase the race problem we need to come to grips with the ever present past instead of brushing it aside as exemplified by the Senator. Love begins her argument with an interview from a newspaper where State Senator, Delegate Hargrove provided an interview for a newspaper, stating how African-Americans need to overcome slavery. The reason he gives is because no one who is alive today had any hand in slavery. The interview was, ironically, on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday and also on the four hundredth anniversary of the English settlement of Jamestown, where the interview took place. Senator Henry Marsh notes, in response to Hargrove’s interview that while “the whole world’s attention is on Virginia” because of the Jamestown anniversary, “Virginia can take a leadership role in promoting racial harmony” (377). Love then states how Delegate Hargrove’s disagrees with Senator Henry Marsh statement and notes, “not a soul today had anything to

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