Race Blacks And Whites Essay

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The term race is usually referred as a way to categorize people based on their cultures and physical traits. Racism is the belief that humanity is divided into stratified genetically different socks called races; according to its adherent’s racial differences make one group superior to another. Throughout history, for hundreds of years, the Black race has been considered inferior to Caucasians. African Americans had to go through slavery, segregation, and racial comments of hatred; and they are still fighting for equality. That was in the 1800s and 1900s, and yet in 2009 Black people still have to face the discrimination. February 16, a woman was killed by her pet monkey and some policemen took it upon themselves to take action by shooting the monkey. Later, on Wednesday March 18, the New York Post edited a racially controversial cartoon. The cartoon showed the policemen had killed that monkey and one of them said “they’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.” That was meant as a racist statement against the first Black President of America; not only to Barack Obama, but to all Black people. White people have called Blacks many derogatory names, many meaning that African Americans are ignorant, dim-witted, and animal-like and/or teasing them for the way they look; ethnic slurs such as nigger, ape, crow, kaffir, tar baby, thick lips, Uncle Tom, etc. It is obvious that White America has not grown and learned from their past because there was an incident in the early 1900s where an African man, Ota Benga, was put into a zoo; reference from the New York Times. Ota Benga was bought in a slave trade and brought to America where he was taken to a zoo to help feed and care for the animals. Benga spent most of his time in the “Monkey House” exhibit. The zoo then encouraged him to hang his hammock and to shoot his arrow at the target.

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