Race And Your Community Essay

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By: Tina Lindsey ETH 125 Cultural Diversity September 27, 2009 Instructor Jana I would like to share some of my thoughts with you about race in my community, schools, neighborhood, and my children clubs after school and in the workplace. Truly, but sad you as an indulvauil you can should change in the world about your self, but some people are set in the old ways that you just can not cross their past of race around. I'm an African American Woman; I was born and rise up in Stark, Florida. Many of the people that grew up in my community either looked like me or lived a similar lifestyle, including many of the same beliefs and morals. Leaders in our community are well respect and treat all of us as human begin, but once again even though some people our different they all are greeter with the same courtesy and respect. Leaders can be push to disrespect, but I truly believe that if you disrespect leadership of your community they will not stand for rudeness and violence done to anyone. I feel in my heart that the people that lived in my community and neighborhood are good southern people, very hospitable, caring and helpful to each other. Therefore this is excellent a community to grow up in and to raise a family. Yes texts and work manuals contain information by and about people like me. They also represent people who are different from me, though I do not feel they are often written by people who are different than me. For example, take our history books, they discuss the Native Americans, Spanish, Europeans, and other nations, however who tells these stories? White Americans, none of our text in our history books is written from their point of view. It has always been a one sided story and I for one would like to see that changed, I believe people should tell their own story and history; not someone else’s view of it.

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