Race And Ethnicity Analysis

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At one time families produced most of the goods and services they consumed for themselves. Today, people specialize in only a few types of production and trade their labor for other goods and services. How has this impacted the way most people in the United States live? It has impacted us in such a way that is nearly irreversible to stray away from it again. It has made us in a sense lazy. We rely on others to do very basic things to survive. For example most of us don’t know how to grow vegetables we have to buy them and often they are genetically modified which has proved to us that can have consequences to the human body. We depend on others so that we may live more comfortably (and lazily for that matter). In the old days we grew…show more content…
And to make one thing clear I am not sexist although my views might seem this way again; I am basing this on what women go thru every day. And one more important factor in this essay question you seemed to have left out is race and ethnicity (I am curious as to what students thought her race and ethnicity were please email the results if you wish) . There are many factors that affect her future, sadly enough race and ethnicity is one of them. Now assuming Andrea is a 17 year old attractive single White wealthy femalethat lives in Oakland that goes to a private high school in Piedmont (Because there is NO public school in Oakland That offers all those college credit courses assuming she does not take then in a community college. Also I assume the private school is not in Oakland because I researched this so it must be in Piedmont which will cost a whole lot more $$$ because she does not live in Piedmont and assuming she could drive her self there). Her last semester will focus on finishing her academic goals and applying to colleges she might want to attend. Assuming her gpa stays the same may colleges are interested in her and will be willing to give her a full ride. In graduation day daddy will arrange a limo to escort her to her graduation ceremony and prom. Now after graduation she will go out like any regular 17 year old female and have fun. For the first month she will begin to prepare her bags and and leave to her…show more content…
I have leaned that if your population is to high your people will feel crowded and there will be a food shortage but more people equals more taxes. So I had to figure out a way to balance the rising population but also Battle over population. The answer was (this is the shocker…) industrialization of farmlands. ( Again does this sound familiar?). Its no surprise that China is one of the most Industrialistic country with over 1, 330, 044, 544 people ( as of July 2008 Source: www.google.com ) which in my scientific analysis says nearly 700, 000, 000 are in the work force and within nearly 100, 000, 000 or less (much, much less) are in agriculture or livestock. Thus this is how China has become one of the worlds super powers. When you look at the numbers it makes no sense. But to a economist (or a really smart person ) the meaning is clear. More people = more workers = more money. I call this walmartism “Low wages, low values, low prices Always” Since there are millions wanting a job a person will settle for what they can get even if it pays a dollar a day or more. Thus having a stable labor workforce that doesn’t fall or

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