Race And Ethnicity Essay

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Name: Tu Anh Khoa ID: 01-05-0-0394 Course: I2SO Instructor: Nguyen Tuan An Extra Paper Ethnicity and Race In the time that the whole world is globalizing, so there should be some ethnicity and several races which exist inside a country. Because of the diversity of races and ethnicity, some conflicts and problems are created in that society such as racism or discrimination or prejudice. In the past, these problems are considered as a big gap between two types of races. For example, the discrimination between the Black and White in the United States is one of the remarkable events in the world’s history. At first, we need to know what ethnicity and race are in order to understand why the conflicts come from. Ethnicity represents for a small group of people which exist in a dominant group, and they are the minority of the society. According to Margaret L. Andersen and Howard F. Taylor in Sociology Understanding a Diverse Society, “An ethnic group is a social category of people who share a common culture, for example, a common language or dialect; a common religion; and common norms, practices customs, and history.”(270). Even though, ethnic group exists inside the dominant group, they still have something different from others. And that make the ethnicity distinctive, or we can call that is the basis for the ethnic group’s identity. Margaret L. Andersen state that, “Ethnic group develop because of their unique historical and social experiences. These experiences become the basis for the group’s ethnic identity, meaning the definition the group has of itself as sharing a common cultural bond.” (270). Next, according to Margaret L. Andersen, “Like ethnic, race is primarily, though not exclusive, a social constructed category. A race is a group treated as distinct in society on the basis of certain

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