Race And Ethnicity Essay

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JOURNAL ENTRY (RACE AND ETHNICITY) Peggy McIntosh’s article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” talks about the various privileges every white person gets without even realizing it. Basically she shows that racism is a part of everyday life even though some of us just ignore it. An interesting example given was about “flesh colored” band-aids. Band-aids are something everyone uses from childhood. When ever I put one on I thought nothing of how it blended into my skin tone perfectly. It was normal, yet if I was black and had to put on a band-aid it would really get me thinking. I’d probably feel pretty a little hurt that I wasn’t the color that was considered normal. It’s such a small thing but the way the world generalizes can be hurtful. McIntosh brought up such common themes that everyone can relate to in some way. I think it may help that she is a white woman talking about this issue simply because she is viewing the problems as one of the “privileged”. I would have felt the same reaction regardless of who wrote this. But from a outside viewer taking a look at the article; I think it helps because the writer isn’t just talking about the struggles and injustice they go through. This author is concerned how she, as someone who does have white privilege, could help to equalize power and opportunities for colored people in the system and society. It is important to understand these issues and have them recognized as a problem if we as a society want to progress. Having unequal opportunities will create a never ending pattern through generations. I think white privilege is still a relevant issue because white people still seem to have more power. For example if a white and hispanic person both went to a job interview; it is most likely the white person will get the job. White people will also have a higher salary compared to someone with a

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