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The Role of Race in Drug Prosecutions The role of race in drug prosecutions is used to identify minorities as the opposition in the “War on Drugs,” and to reinforce historically held societal views pertaining to African and Mexican Americans association with illegal drugs. The Regan administration’s public relations campaign changed the nation’s views about the use of illegal narcotics, in the early eighty’s, Regan set a fight in motion against drugs. This war on drugs has resulted in excess money spent, and increases in prosecutions. Millions of African Americans have been targeted and imprisoned at a disproportionate rate. Many communities of color have been devastated by the unfavorable conditions of the criminal justice system. And the U.S. Sentencing Commission has noted its racial impact. Therefore, race is used to target minorities as the enemy of the war on drugs in order to attain certain political objectives and control. The mass incarceration of African and Mexican Americans in the United States because of this “war” has devastated many communities. Due to racial disparities in the criminal justice system, minorities are often seen as the perpetrators of the crimes in the communities, and are subjected to extremely disproportionate enforcement in drug prosecutions. Many communities have been infiltrated with drug sales and use as a way of life. Penalties for drug violations have disenfranchised a large percent of minority citizens. There is a great need for social services to take action to assist in in advocating for the increase in drug use prevention, treatment and reform. Drug use prevention can motivate and rebuild communities by working together in programs to uplift future generations out of the devastating effects of being targeted as the enemy. The continuing cycle of poverty for the disadvantaged presents a vulnerability to drug

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