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Rabies What is Rabies? The Group it belongs to: Group V The Order it belongs to: Mononegavirales The Family it belongs to: Family: Rhabdoviridae The Genus it belongs to: Lyssavirus Definition of Rabies- it is an acute, infectious disease transmitted by dogs and certain other animals. It .This basically means that rabies is a virus which affects the nervous system in humans other mammals, but the most common sighting of rabies is of mammals who are meat eaters. Rabies is a very serious, painful and grave disease. It is one of the most dangerous diseases humans can receive from animals. The cause is the rabies virus which infects the nervous system as well as the brain. Any mammal is able to carry the virus. Currently, in British Columbia, the only mammals that carry the species are bats. That’s not the only place in Canada where the rabies virus is located. You can find the rabies virus in wild animals such as foxes, skunks, raccoons, bats and coyotes across Canada. In, developing countries, dogs and other animals often carry rabies. Bacterial or Viral Causation The disease is caused by a tiny virus in the saliva of an infected, animal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as CDC, officially declared that the United States is free of canine rabies in 2007. The lick of an infected animal is dangerous if there is already a cut on the skin. The virus can simply enter the body through the cut. The World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Rabies Reference and Research, have given reasons for why there has been an increase of rabies cases throughout the world: • Rapid evolution of the rabies virus. Bats in America are particularly contagious from the virus. • Increased breeding of animals with the rabies virus. • People bringing pets into closer contact with animals who are infected in the wild. • People who do not

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