Rabbit Proof Fence - Letter

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To Mr. Neville I hope you remember me, because I have not forgotten you and I think I never will. My name is Molly Craig. I am as you know an aboriginal, which you took away from her mom and everything I knew in this world. I did not understand why you wanted to take me away from my family, because my mom is my only parent I have known. You took my sister Daisy and my cousin Gracie too, we where forced because aborigines does not have any rights. I am half white and half black that makes me a half cast in your opinion, but I am not only that. I am a human and I did not want to fit into your perfect world, I did not want to be taken away from my mom and I did not want to be “helped”. Do you think you can change me? Do you think you can control me? I say that you are wrong, because as long as I got my will to fight, you can’t change me. I had heard about you before I met you, I have heard tales about the white devil; I have heard that an aboriginal woman, who wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. You said no, because she already had a pair, but do you control what people want? In this case you do. White people do not have to ask anyone if they want a pair of shoes and can afford it, they just buy a pair, but she was not a white woman so she couldn’t get a new pair. You took half casts like me and my family to Moore River Native Settlement. The day I met you was a day I do not forget. My name was called, I had to go up to you, I was nervous and I did not know what you wanted me to do. You checked my skin, because you wanted to find the children with the lightest skin color, I was not one, but I did wonder why you where doing that. I got an answer from my new friend in Moore River, she said that if you had bright skin you where more clever and could go to school, in your opinion. I did not wanted to be a place like that, so I ran away and took Gracie and

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