Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

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In the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, Mr. Neville and others like him took half-caste children from their aboriginal mothers and sent them thousands of miles away to raise them as “white” children in orphanages. They were trained to work as domestic servants or laborers. Molly, her younger sister Daisy, and Cousin Gracie were all half-caste children were taken from their family and home under the government’s policy. They were sent to an institute where they were physically and emotionally abused and were taught to forget their families, culture and lives so that they can re-invent themselves to become “white” Australians. Mr. Neville, the government official believed that what he was doing the children was saving them from themselves. Molly who is the oldest, decides to escape from the institute with Daisy and Grace a man by the name of A.O. Neville is the government official responsible for the aborigines issues that were taking place in 1931 Australia. He believed that what he was doing to these children was actually saving them from themselves. It is under his power that Molly, Daisy, and Grace are stripped from their family and are taken to become more “civilized.” Molly, being the oldest, decides she is going to escape with both Grace and Daisy and walk the entire journey back home along the rabbit proof fence. Throughout their journey we see the trials and tribulations they suffer as they trek the thousands of miles home. Gracie and Daisy cling to Molly for support, and Molly decides they need to return to their parents. Molly plans a daring escape, and the three girls begin an epic journey back to Western Australia, travelling 1,500 miles on foot with no food or water, and navigating by following the fence that has been build across the nation to stem an over-population of rabbits. A.O. Neville (Kenneth Branagh), the government functionary in charge of

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