R081 Pre-Production Skills

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Unit R081 – Pre-production skills Shot types used in storyboarding Instructions and answers for teachers These instructions should accompany the OCR resource ‘Shot types used in storyboarding’ activity which supports Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2 Unit R081, Pre-production skills. This simple drag and drop activity will help learners become familiar with the content of storyboards. Associated Files: Shot types used in storyboarding, available in the following formats: Activity sheet Flash File Opus File HTML File Expected Duration: Task 1 – 10–15 minutes Task 2 – 10–15 minutes Follow up activity – 10–15 minutes Consolidation activity – 10 minutes This activity offers an opportunity for English skills development. These tasks can be used to aid learning of camera shots and camera angles.…show more content…
Match up the correct picture with the type of shot by inserting the corresponding letter into the Image column. Shot name Low Angle Use Creates the feeling that the viewer is small and vulnerable and the character here is powerful. Establishing shot – shows where action takes place and sets the scene at the start of an episode or event. Often pans or zooms in slowly as the scene is set. Used for conversation between equals where what both characters say or do is equally important. Image e Extreme Wide Angle f Two-shot b Wide Angle Puts one character in context in his or her surroundings, shows the whole person. Used for conversation where one person’s speech is more important than the other. Unreal viewpoint, focusing on a single feature of a person such as the nose, mouth, a hand etc, for effect or to draw attention to it. Focuses in on what one person has to say or shows reaction in facial expression. Concentrates attention on single character. a Over the Shoulder Shot Extreme Close Up j g Close Up d Medium Close Up c Wide

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