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Tryouts take forever! There’s twelve girls trying out, and its been an hour and there is six more girls waiting. “Suzanne Smith.” I hear Couch Leonard say. Uh-oh. I’m next in line after Susie. I didn’t think I was nervous, but butterflies are dancing obnoxiously In my stomach. If I don’t make it on this team, there’s a chance I won’t make it on the high school team. “Calm down,” I say out loud to myself. “there’s nothing to worry about. I will make it.” Then a thought occurred to me. “What if Kate or Abby, Kathrine or Susie or even Brianne don’t make it on the team?” No. I cant think like that if I think bad thoughts that could lead to……. “Amanda Stewart.” shouts Couch Leonard, interrupting my thoughts. She walks me to the mini gym and closes the door. “What position, Ms. Amanda?” “Catcher.” I say in a soft whisper. Then she gestures to the catching gear, wanting me to put it on. The school’s gear isn’t the best, but they’re useable. I walk slowly to the gear, not making eye contact with Couch Leonard. When I put it on, it surprisingly fit on me. Then I picked up the glove and walked toward the automatic pitcher. “You will have to catch five balls , then I’ll bring you to the batting station OK?” I nod my head in response. I kneeled to the catching position, taking deep breathes. When she turned on the pitching machine, it was noisy and it seemed like ages till the first ball jerked out. I jerked my glove to the right and stopped the ball. I stood up and made a hard through to Couch Leonard. She caught it and we waited for the next one. And the next. And the next. And the next. “That was impressive Ms. Amanda. You stopped every single ball, even the wild pitch! You have quite a good arm as well!” she exclaimed, her face beaming. “Thank you Couch Leonard. I try my best!” I reply. I was surprised as well. I thought I would totally

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