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Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? You are at Valley Forge in the middle of winter and you have been there for almost 9 months. You miss your family and are against one of the strongest and biggest army. However you are fighting for your strong beliefs and your patriotism. “Would you have quit?” I would not have left Valley Forge. The army needs me now more than ever, I knew the risks when I signed up, and I’d rather die here than suffer under Britain’s rule. The army I am fighting for needs me more now than they ever have before. Loyal soldiers are getting sick and dying all around me and I need to fight and stay loyal to our clause. As you saw in Document A, 18,000- 25,000 people died. This does not scare me. This just gives me more motivation to stay. This army needs everyone fighting for it as it can get. As more people die, the army is continuously getting weaker, so they need me. I knew I would be in the cold. I knew I was going against a strong army. I knew there would be limited supplies. I knew all the risks. So whom would I be to decide to quit after I made a commitment. In Document C, the doctor said, “Cold weather- fatigues- nasty clothes”. I was aware when I was enlisted that it would be in the winter. I did not think it would be 90 degrees. I did not think there would be unlimited supplies and a washer machine. If I decided to leave my family, and my aging mother in the first place and come fight for beliefs, does that not show how committed I am to this clause. We are being unfairly taxed with no representation and have an unjust king. I would rather freeze, starve, and suffer out here than live a life suffering under his rule. I want my aging mother to live her last few years knowing that she lived in a free world. I want my kids to grow up free. Even if it means they will grow up without me, it is still worth it. I am

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