Quotes on Greek Gods

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May-August Summer Work 2012 Chapter Quotes 1. -The quote, “But some mountains still explode in fire and the earth still quakes, and no one knows exactly why.” Is a mythical explanation of what todays volcano’s and earthquakes are. 2. -“He angered her by his infidelities; she enraged him with her suspicions. She was the queen of intriguers…” to me it sounds like a typical everyday marriage or relationship. They nag and frustrate each other, just as many couples do. 3. -“That is why spiders are called Arachnids by those who know them best.” This quote is another mythical belief by explaining why or how some spiders are called Arachnids. It’s not a very rare term but I have heard it before. 4. -“But he simply threw them away without killing them, and they made there way into the world. From them have come the camel, the hippopotamus, the giraffe, the donkey, and the zebra.” It completely makes sense that these animals were “mistakes” in the mythical world. All of these animals look similar to a horse in there own way. It’s a great example of how these animals came on to this earth. 5. -“Hades valued them. They enriched his kingdom, for their attentions persuaded people to suicide.” Because Hades is the ruler of the underworld witch to me is Hell; he obviously likes to torture people and have them dead. That is why he had the old hags go and make people what to commit suicide. 6. -“That is why summer and winter are the way they are. That is why there is a time for planting and a time when the earth must sleep in frost.” All because Persephone had eaten six berries while in the underworld, she has to go to the underworld six months out of the year, then she is free to go to earth & allow plants & flowers to blossom. 7. –“He caught Callisto up and set her among the stars, still in her bear so that Hera would not be
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