Quotes On Banquo In Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'

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Act 2 Scene 1 “So I lose none, in seeking to augment it, but still keep my bosom franchised and allegiance clear, I shall be counselled.” (2.1.26) 1) Speaker: The speaker of this quote is Banquo. 2) To whom: Banquo was speaking to Macbeth in this quote. 3) Context: Banquo was saying that he will stick with Macbeth and do whatever he say but at the same time he don’t want to have a bad conscience like Macbeth. 4) Relevance: This quote is explaining how even though Banquo is willing to do whatever Macbeth wants him to do, he still don’t want to become a criminal. This shows that no matter what Banquo is loyal to Macbeth, but it also shows that he is only loyal to an extent that he will do anything for Macbeth. Scene…show more content…
A murderer has broken into God’s temple and stolen the life out of it. Macduff compares Duncan corpse to a church that has been broken into, that shows it’s unethical for something so tragic to happen. 4) Relevance: This quote shows the reader can see how tragic the murder of Duncan was, to the point they compare his body to a church that has been broken into. Something like this shouldn’t happen it’s not right for someone to kill a king as if it was for someone to break into a church. Scene 4 “God’s benison go with you and with those that would make good of bad and friends of foes.” (2.4.43-44) 1) Speaker: The speaker of this quote is the Old man. 2) To whom: The Old man is speaking to Ross and Macduff 3) Context: This quote was basically a prayer for Ross and Macduff, the old man is saying may god’s blessing go with you and with all who turn bad into good, and enemies into friends. 4) Relevance: I choose this quote not only because it is the last main quote of act 2 but it means a lot. This shows that they will met someone that turns bad into good and that turn enemies into friends. Based off of this quote the old man is giving them good blessing, anything that is bad or anyone that is bad may they turn good and at the end become your
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