Quotes From 'Twelfth Night'

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1. "He could no longer see the hospital that lay across the way, whose all too massive prospect he had earlier cursed. If he had not known very well that he lived in the quiet, but distinctly urban Charlotte Street, he could have believed that he looked out of his window into a desert in which the gray sky and the gray earth merged indistinguishably." (626) 2. "In listening to his mother's words, Gregor realized that the lack of any direct human communication over the course of the past two months, together with the monotonous life he led in the midst of the family, must have deranged his mind..." (628) 3. "Oppressed by self-reproach and worry, he began to crawl. He crawled over everything--walls, furniture, and ceiling--and finally, in his despair, he fell, the entire room spinning around him, onto the center of the large table." (630) 4. "They reappeared in his thoughts together with strangers or people he had already forgotten, but instead of helping him and his family, they all remained detached, and he was glad when they disappeared." (633) 5. "The music gripped him--was he…show more content…
The setting of this quote is that Gregor’s sister Grete and his mother was discussing whether they should move his “human belongings” and turn his room into a cave which is more comfortable for “the insect” Gregor now. His mother protests to keep his room that Gregor will want his things when he returns to his former self, implying her faith in Gregor to be fundamentally the same despite his appearance. This quote also discloses Gregor’s confusion in terms of his humanity extends to him only and the involvement of his trying to reconcile his human emotions with the physical needs of his new body. It is important because it shows Gregor’s thinking of how physical appearance deeply affects humanity and relationships with other
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