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The Slippery Slope Acts 26: 1-18 ...to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God..." Acts 26:18 (NIV) Have you ever felt yourself pulled into a forbidden but exciting situation? You sense red flags but convince yourself you can handle it. "I'm just having a little fun. This won't ever amount to anything. It just gives me a little something to look forward to." That's the way it seemed to us sometimes when we begin to walk down the slippery slope in our life. - Soon we do things in secrets, talk in secret, Meeting in secret. And down the slippery slope we went. ****** The slippery slope has one major tell tale sign—things are done in secret. The minute we start hiding things…show more content…
The tells us that the man of God is free. "For FREEDOM did Christ set us free." "Stand fast," Paul says, "in that liberty, that freedom with which Christ has set you free." Do not be "entangled again in the yoke of bondage," trying to be saved by works or ceremonies or religious doings. Just put your trust in Jesus. In Galatians 5:16-18 the man of faith has the Spirit, and he walks by the Spirit. He is led by the Spirit, the Spirit bears the fruit of the Christ-life in and through Him, and he conducts his life in the power and blessing of the Spirit of God. In Verse 19-24, the bible says that the character of Christ is produced by the Spirit of Christ dwelling within us! Finally brethren we need to seek the help of the Holy spirit because if we truly believed on Christ, God has sent forth His Spirit into our hearts crying "Abba, Father." ("Father, Father.") Galatians 4 says we have the sense of being the sons of God and that God is our Heavenly Father. And what does, a father do? He looks after his children. That is his chief business. Brethren what are we to do? -If you're keeping secrets today, bring them out into the light: • Find a trusted Christian friend and ask them to help you hold your choices up to the

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