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As the writer I feel compelled to tell that I’m super against war, violence, hate, and discrimination of all kinds. First let me fill you in on the reason I hate all of those things. When I was twelve I got the shit beat out of me from some Neo-Nazi skin head 16 year old just because I was at a Jewish Temple. Then after that I took karate (not really seriously) and sparred against my friend alot just because I didn’t want to be hurt again. That was an ugly time for me I hated alot and I was a jerk. Yet I (try) to change consistantly and try to better myself. So when I see people that say they are against war and wear the ND (nuclear disarmament *and yes that is what the little "peace symbol means it was made in England in the 1950’s and later became used mainly by hippies in the 60’s to 70’s*) buttons and don’t even know what that means,…show more content…
To quote part of the bible from the Gospel of Matthew, "And when you pray,do not be like the hypocrites,Who love to stand in the synagogues and the market place corners to pray, So as to be seen by humanity. And, amen, I am telling you, They have received their recompense." Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 6. This is the same in other aspects too and brings me back to my point about the hypocrites that say they are for peace yet tell a kid he is a freak. It ercks me, annoys me, and frustrates me to no end, and yet it happens on a daily bases. And yet while I’m on this high horse, this pedestal, this mountain of morality, I do the very same thing I despise so much and while I try to break myself free of it’s hold... I am like a heroine addict who wants to kick the habit and yet cannot do so. However while I am no better then any of you, atleast I still don’t try to pass myself off as a "modern aged hippy" who believes in everything they had to say during the late 60’s and early 70’s... oh except the free love, drugs, and living with out a home part but besides that its all the

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