Quotes From Finding Forester

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The movie “Finding Forester” is about young Jamal Wallace and how he gets inspired to become an amazing writer from Famous author William Forrester who uncovered his hidden talents of writing. The Writings that Jamal and William do together are kept secret from anyone outside and it leads them to a great level of trust and friendship between the two of them. “It’s none of their business that you know how to write. Let them think you were born that way.” This quote pretty much sums up the way that young Jamal Wallace lived by. “Finding Forrester” shows that geniuses don’t become geniuses by themselves, but only by allowing those close to them to uncover the amazing hidden things inside themselves. This explains the way the whole movie went. Jamal wouldn’t have found the courage to go to his new school and face the new challenges he did with Professor Crawford. Professor Crawford clearly underestimated Jamal’s potential as a writer when he first thought he was just an ordinary basketball player. William Forrester helped Jamal bring out his creative writing style by using some of his work. This helped him so much but it didn’t do Jamal any good because William wouldn’t let him use the work he wrote at home to turn in at school. Jamal one day finally got the courage to turn his writings in to Professor Crawford. Professor Crawford was so stunned that Jamal’s paper was good. He thought since his previous background was from a bad school were he didn’t do any work and that he was black it couldn’t be possible, and that he had to have cheated. There for Jamal’s loyalty to William Forrester is tested as an angry, jealous Professor Crawford makes Jamal either credit his sources or write an…show more content…
I think this quote sums up the whole movie and Jamal’s purpose as a writer, “Writing is its own
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