Quote from Dancing at Lughnasa

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“I wash every stitch of your clothes you wear, I polish your shoes. I make your bed. We both do – Rose and I. Paint the house. Sweep the chimney. Cut the grass. Save the turf. What you have here, Kate, are two unpaid servants.” Here Friel is trying to make a point about home life as he shows the brewing tension between the mundy sisters. We know this as Agnes is reliving the tension she has built up. We can see there is an absence of male as the sisters throughout the play stick together as a unit “We both do” gives us the impression of stability of the mundy sisters however from the quote ‘Paint the house’. Sweep the chimney. Cut the grass. Save the turf’ this shows us how the Mundy sisters are trying to envelope the fact that they are not stable as in that society it was patriarchal and needed a man to run the household as Jack is unwell they are unable to rely on him so he is more of burden on them . We can get a sense of injustice within the sisters as they feel they are treated unwell by Kate. Kate who is the dominate sisters within the family she has taken on both roles of bread winner and the mother figure and leaving the sisters to be filling in the gap of the male roles. ‘Two unpaid servants’ Agnes who is voicing for not just herself but Rosie as well gives us the feeling that she is dominant with Rosie or even more of a mother figure to her . ‘Rose and I’ this gives us a feeling of partition between the sisters as Agnes and Rosie have created a unit, this gives the audience the image of love and desperation as the sisters are affected by their financial situation as well as their personal . The audience sympathise with the mundy sisters as they get a feel of frustration between
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