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Shana Hayes Quote Essay Dev. 111 NB 8 October 2014 “Nothing is as good as it seems beforehand…..” “Nothing is as good as it seems beforehand….” It was about two years ago. My aunt was getting married to her best friend of twenty years. It was a wonderful day. Family from all over the country had come. Great uncles, Great aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews were there. The church was decorated beautifully with royal blue, white and off white décor. The day was cloudy, yet beautiful with no rain in the forecast. That day was a day to remember. The reception was a great part of the wedding day. It was filled with love and joy. I was one of the bridesmaids so I was sitting with the wedding party laughing, talking, eating and having a great time. I looked across the room and saw the beautiful wedding cake on the cake table. I thought to myself, “That cake is going to be great!” I have a horrible sweet tooth that I’ve been struggling with since I was a little child. Even till this day I fight with myself at the mall about buying the cinnamon bun from the Cinnabon place. It almost never fails. I happen to walk out with the delicious, sticky, warm treat that I love so much. It’s not only cinnamon buns that I love but all sweet treats. So I was looking forward to getting a slice of the delicious wedding cake that was prepared for the crowd. Finally, it was time for the cutting of the cake. My aunt and my now newly uncle-in-law, walked to the cake table to cut the cake. First they put cake on each other’s faces and then they took a taste. When I saw the cake up close it looked sort of funny. It looked like it had big chunks of rocks inside but I thought maybe that just the way it looked. But when I saw the expression on my aunt’s face I knew the cake was nasty. “This is disgusting,” Auntie whispered. “I see, it looks disgusting,” I whispered back.

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