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Brit K. Shakespeare Period 3 Quote analysis “Ignorance is the curse of god; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” (Henry VI, Part 2). Shakespeare talks about wisdom, and how a person lives their life. A person who lives their life in ignorance your life will be far worse “the Curse of God”. As opposed to a person who lives their life with knowledge, your life will be exquisite or just a better life “the wing wherewith to fly to heaven”. This is a far more delicate way of saying if you end up with ignorance you were not highly favored by God, but if you have knowledge you were and will be favored by god and will end up in heaven. Ignorance is similar to a song written by Mumford and son “Babel” which is the examination of the bourgeois mindset. They comment on the pelagian nature of society, they are building their own 'tower of babel' because they see the society collapsing behind their progressive thought, "I write home laughing, 'look at me now,' the walls of my home come crumbling down." He "goes along" with this mindset; all his life his "greed and pride" has been nursed by society and he accepts this mentality for its face value. He is promised success, which they will "slip into the cloud." His conscious, however, seems to contradict this notion of being able to reach the heavens without grace from the beginning "I believe in grace and choice." But he has seen the depths of human failure, "So come down from your mountain and stand where we've been You know our breath is weak and our body is dead." What he wishes is to be "born without a mask" to be born into truth, which wears no mask and is what is. He examines this mentality (as it is attractive, who wouldn't want to get to the heavens on their own--it is an accomplishment of all time!). He finds his answer, however, as he begins his attempt: "Press my nose up to the glass
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