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2011 Asiris Rodriguez US History 3rd period 12/12/2011 President Report Asiris Rodriguez Mark Lamb U.S. History 12 December 2011 John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams was the son of former president John Adams and, much like his father, was a cold, stern man. Before becoming president of the United States, he was secretary of state, which is well known for being a stepping stone to the presidency. He was brilliant with foreign affairs and was one of the most successful secretaries of state of all time. Surprisingly, he was not a successful president. People called him the “minority president,” and accused him of usurpation after the infamous “corrupt bargain” he made with Henry Clay when Adams was selected to be president in return for choosing Clay to be the new secretary of state. After being president for awhile, his own followers were frustrated. They noticed Adams made no attempt to get rid of members of the opposing party out of the White House. In fact, he barely fired or rewarded anybody. The new political climate of 1824 was based on popularity, face to face politicking, baby kissing, and getting the vote out of the people. During this election, John Quincy Adams only received 30.1% of the popular vote of the people; Jackson had 43.1%. One of the reasons Adams was not so popular was his lack of sociability. Although it seems Jackson should have won, Adams luckily still had a chance, since no one won a majority. According to the 12th amendment of the Constitution, when no one receives a majority vote, the decision is then turned over to the House of Representatives, for which Henry Clay was the speaker of the house and easily persuaded them into voting for his personal choice, Adams. Many people, including his followers, thought he was arrogant in his nation-changing proposals because he didn’t care at all what people thought of him. He was a

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