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Quilts: The Threads of The Old but Not Forgotten When we are young we do not think about getting old, rather older. But as we grow older and we find we are not as quick or swift as we used to be, we wonder. When we find out friends are as old as us, we wonder. When those around us are in nursing homes and unable to attend to themselves, we wonder. We wonder what will become of us as we get older. We wonder who will take care of us. We don’t wonder who, but rather WILL anyone take care of us when we are not able to do so ourselves? Will we get tossed aside “like a fading piece of cloth”?(135). Nikki Giovanni’s Quilts, asks the same question a tablecloth has when it has grown old, as we humans do, as we grow older: What will become of us when we are no longer useful? However, we should not look to others to find what to do with us, but rather us to remember what we were in our younger days, and bring that to our older days, which will make us more useful than ever before. The older we get we find we can’t move as quickly. Our thoughts aren’t as quick and we feel as though we may be holding others back, if not holding ourselves back. And the feeling of uselessness is the worst feeling someone can have. Giovanni gives a great description of the feeling of uselessness when she says, “No longer do I cover tables filled with food and laughter” (135). In our older age, we still want to be the life of the party and bring the joy to others that we did in our younger days. Not only do we start to feel like we are of no use to others, but we also worry about our appearance in the eyes of others. In our younger days, we were able to keep up on our appearances, but as we get older and especially in our older age, we not are not able to do so as freely. Our hands may not be as strong, or our eyesight may not be as great, thus, we feel as though we are a fright. We

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