Quiet Desperation (Narrative Essay)

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Humans want. We want material goods and we want love and we want to be pretty, but we don’t want to do the work to get there. Our appetites are insatiable, fed constantly by the media, and the more we get, the more we want; we never have enough and the continuous pursuit of happiness just runs us down and makes us desperate, but complaints aren’t on the list of things we’re supposed to have to be happy so we suffer in silence. The whole world feels like they’re the only one who can’t get a job, or gets passed over for that promotion every time, or just had a key stock plummet, but everybody knows somebody with a problem, they just forget that the universal issue is being unable to speak up from that place of aloneness. Kasandra Jones was good at being alone. Looking after herself had never been a problem; Mom and Dad’s complete lack of regard for her day-to-day activities had seen to that. The neglect and the independence had made leaving home at sixteen, without a high school diploma, seem the logical course of action. Minimum wage was just enough to scrape by for six years, and it would have been enough for another six, if it weren’t for little baby Thomas’ arrival. Suddenly, she really needed that promotion, but all the boss saw was an irresponsible twenty two year old who couldn’t keep her life flowing smoothly, so how was she supposed to keep a restaurant in working order? For the first time in along time, Kasandra wished that she wasn’t sharing her life, because it had left her more alone and desperate than neglect had. And Laura? Well, she’d gotten the promotion, so she wouldn’t understand. Phoebe had quit three weeks ago, when she got a better job out in the suburbs and her boyfriend had proposed. That new girl, Kasandra hadn’t even bothered to find out her name, was the only one left in Kasandra’s unhappy little world. So she stayed quiet; no
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