Questions: Van De Graaf Generator Builds Up Excess Electron

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Van de Graaf Generator Activities Activity 1: Explain that the globe of the generator builds up excess electrons through conduction. The built electrons are repelling since they are like charges and we know that like charges repel so they are spread out as much as possible. The charges are spread out because the globe is a conductor, unlike electrons that are rubbed onto the balloon, which stay in the general area where you rub the balloon. Activity 2: The electrons are in an excited state because of mutual repulsion, which means that they are looking for a place to go where the electron population is not so dense. Since the electrons are excited they will jump to anything that comes close to the generator globe, such as your hand, the desk,…show more content…
Activity 4: If you put a pile of tin plates on the top of the generator’s globe, they will fly off one at a time. Since each of them will be picking up some of the excess charges the plates repel each other and they will fly off one at a time. Activity 5: A piece of tinsel or Christmas tree icicles will first be attracted to the globe by induction, just like when you stick a charged balloon to the wall, and then repel away from the generator after it picks up some excess charge. Activity 6: If you start with your hands on the globe and then turn the generator on you won’t get a shock, because the charge doesn’t get a chance to build up. The charge will continually leak into you and then through you to the ground. This is why you cannot have a “Bad Hair day” while standing on the ground. However if someone is standing on a crate or chair with their hands on the globe the charges will begin to build up in your body causing a “Bad Hair Day” which is an example of the charges repelling each other. You can also receive a shock from this person because he / she has built up a charge and they have electrons built up in them who are looking to jump to a less densely populated

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