Questions On Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Mary Collins Gulden Honors English April 13, 2013 Ch. 1 Of Mice and Men 1. The bus drops the two men off in Soledad, miles away from the ranch. 2. George is described smart, quick, dark skin, and alert. 3. Lennie is a big man with pale eyes, paw like hands, and walks heavily. 4. Lennie is proud of himself because makes ripples in the pond water with his fingers. 5. Lennie doesn’t have his work card in his pocket. 6. Lennie doesn’t have it in his own pocket because George thinks he will lose it. 7. Lennie takes a dead mouse out of his pocket and George yells at him. 8. Lennie wanted to keep the mouse so he could pet it in his pocket. 9. George and Lennie are going to a ranch for work.

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