Questions On James Buchanan's Presidency

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American President project. A. Date of birth and date of death: April 23 1791- June 1st 1868 B. # Of term – 1 C. Vice president: john C. Buchanan D. Party affiliation: democratic E. Birthplace: Mercersburg Pennsylvania F. First lady: Harriet lane, niece G. College education: Dickinson college H. # Of president: 15 president I. 3 interesting facts about your president: old buck, 40 years prior service in congress, During his presidency, six slaves states secede to form J. 3 major incident/Event that took place during his presidency, including at lease one picture of a famous event. Poster must have descriptions of each event. President: James Buchanan Birth and death 1. Year of birth/ year of death: April,…show more content…
List 3 major incident or event that took place during this person ‘s presidency. Be sure to include the president ‘s direct role in the incident Panics of 1857 – the failure of the Ohio life insurance company of Cincinnati heralded the U.S of panic which lasted until the start of the civil war secession- before Buchanan lift the presidency seven southern states--- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, south Carolina, Texas- left the union. Timeline 6. Give dates and brief descriptions of the most important events that occurred during this president life. Year event 1812 One thousrsand United States were killed at the battle queen heights, caudal, during the war. 1813.oct 6. Shawnee Indian chief Tecumseh allied with the British during the war of 1812. April 6, 1814. Nopoleonbanaparte is deposed in France, freeing the British to concentrate on the war of 812 with the U.S. August 9 1814: major general Andrew Jackson signs the treaty of fort Jackson ending the creek war. Jan.8.1815: major general Andrew Jackson leads a small army to victory against 8,000 British troops. Interesting

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