Questions On Early Paleo-Indians

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Name: ________________________________________ (Print) Bldg._________ Test 1: Chapters 1-4 History 101 Due: Next week at beginning of class Part 1: Fill in the blanks Directions: In ink, print full names with correct spelling and accent marks. (1.5 points each = 45) 1. Early Paleo-Indians crossed a land bridge known as ___________________________ from Asia to North America. 2. Most Meso-American societies were _________________________, which means they worshipped many gods. 3. ____________________ (food) made it possible for some Indian societies to settle on farms pursuing agriculture, rather than leading a nomadic lifestyle of hunting and gathering. 4. The _______________________ people who developed an early Indian…show more content…
________________________ was kidnapped by the Wampanoags who later ransomed her after 3 months. She wrote a book about her experience. 23. During _________________ Rebellion, Gov. Berkeley was captured and Jamestown was burned in an effort to force the government to solve the Indian threat and other economic problems. The leader of the rebellion issued “Manifesto and Declaration of the People.” 24. The southern colonies regulated the status of slaves as real estate without the right to congregate or travel freely. In these _______________________, children born to a black woman were also slaves. 25. To entice immigrant laborers to come to the colonies, the Carolinas and other colonies offered a ____________________ of 50 to 100 acres of land. 26. The ____________________ trade describes how the New England colonies shipped food to West Indie, shipped molasses to New England where it was converted to rum, and shipped rum to Africa for gold and to purchase slaves. 27. Enlightenment ideas led to a Protestant religious revival called the __________________________. 28. Neolin, a Delaware Indian, tried to purge the tribes of European habits and customs like Christianity. His actions led to ___________________________ under the chief Pontiac of the Ottawa
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