Questions On Chapter 2: The Planting Of English America

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Chapter 2 - The Planting of English America Motives for English colonization: i. Rivalry between Spanish Catholics and English protestants => defeat of armada ii. Population increase; land enclosures; economic depression iii. Joint stock company perfected => Jamestown: Reasons for settlement; i. Internal strife over religious issues Lessons learned; i. Location and climate is important ii. They must work to live and eat iii. Just searching for gold and not getting the essentials for living is useless John Smith; young adventurer that saved Jamestown -> Economic base; House of Burgesses; first assembly of elected representatives of English colonists in North America -> established by the Virginia Maryland (1634): Reasons for settlement; i.…show more content…
All had representative assemblies Chapter 3 – Settling the Northern Colonies Pilgrims: Who; the most religious out of Puritans (Separatists) What; traveled for religious freedom When; arrived in New England in 1620 Where; from England Why; King James I chased them out because he feared that if they defy him as a spiritual leader, they would defy him as a political leader How; went to New England on the Mayflower Mayflower Compact; i. Purpose- for better “ordering and preservation”. They have to be unified to survive ii. Enact laws – by the body politic (majority vote) iii. Laws are just and equal iv. Promise to obey and submit Roger Williams Who; amiable and popular Salem minister with radical ideas; extreme Separatist What; threatened Puritan leaders – challenged them to cleanly cut ties with corrupt England and challenged legality Bay Colony’s charter (taking land from Indians w/o fair compensation) Denied authority of civil government to regulate religious behavior (treasonable act) When; 1630s Where; Massachusetts Bay Colony Why;
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