Questions Of Prozac Paper

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Witness 1. Dr. Coleman 2. Prozac Representative from Lilly 3. FDA representative, knowledgeable of Lilly company 4. Employee with Joe at Standard Inc. 5. Wife of Joe (1st or 2nd) Questions for Dr. Coleman 1. How long have you been a psychiatrist? 2. Are you aware of any side effects of Prozac that may cause any of the acts displayed by Joe? 3. Is there any alternative procedure or prescription that could have been given to Joe? 4. Could Prozac contributed to Joe’s act? Questions for Lilly Rep 1. How long has the drug Prozac been available as a prescription? 2. Is there any record of this being a successful treatment drug? 3. Is it intended to be a short term or long term drug? 4. How long was Prozac tested before released by FDA? Questions for FDA representative 1. What determined eligibility of Prozac by the Federal Drug Administration. 2. How many times did Lilly present this drug to FDA before approved? 3. After review of the research, would you say Prozac has great risk such as suicide thoughts? 4. Are you increased aware of any downfalls or complications of this drug? Questions for Joe’s employee 1. Can you describe Joe’s character? 2. When Joe stated “I would like to get those bastard, did he indicate who “they” were? 3. Did you report this to any of your management or anyone of leadership? 4. How was his work ethic? Questions for wife 1. How was being married to Joe? 2. Can you describe his character? (down to earth, moody, etc) 3. Were you aware of his depression? 4. Would you say that Joe would have been a person to commit such an act if he was not on any medication, such as Prozac? Alright team look these over we only need four witnesses and questions for those 4. I will let you guys come up with the 3 reasons of why we should win once we come upon

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